Butcher Grade Cutting boards, and other accessories for our Paragon, NexGen™ and our Signature Series workstation kitchen sinks

Our Butcher Grade Poly Boards are the most important accessory for our workstation sinks. I would like to explain the difference between our butcher grade cutting boards and the plastic boards you have likely used. Mine are made in the U.S.A., not China. Mine are also a commercial butcher grade, not available in any retail stores that I am aware of. I am sure you have had some white plastic boards that got all chewed up and stained in the middle. I have used two of our butcher grade poly boards for 8 years and they all look almost new. No staining, no chewed up fuzzy areas. You have to look hard to see the cuts in the material. This is the exact product that ice skaters use to skate on when they are not skating on ice. These professional cutting boards are great on sharp knives, unlike resin, bamboo, and other much harder surfaces. A local butcher came in my office a while back and was amazed that we had access to the type of cutting board that they use as their cutting surfaces. Trust me, it took me months to source these well over a decade ago. If you are cutting meat, poultry, fish, onions, garlic, etc. just pop it in the dishwasher for sanitizing. Have you ever seen a professional butcher using a bamboo cutting board or a "resin" cutting board? In fact, inspectors insist on the material we use as the countertops in butcher shops and deli's in order to pass inspection. Folks, you are looking at professional sinks with professional accessories. Don't be fooled by the imitations. The words "second best" are not in our vocabulary.

When you see bamboo, plastic or graphite wood cutting boards, you are likely looking at inexpensive, non-professional cutting boards that may not be particularly nice to sharp knives. They also have a short lifespan. A butcher or deli shop would never use these materials, nor would they pass a health inspection if they were used in a professional setting.

These accessories will work with all of our workstation sink designs. Our Paragon sink has two tiers, allowing for some of the accessories to slide out from under accessories on the top tier.
Most accessories are 12" wide. All accessories can be customized. We have an in-house CNC router with the ability to make you just about anything you might dream up!


Essential Accessories Pack
When ordered with a sink; this package includes a sponge caddy,
a multi purpose grid and a butcher grade cutting board. All must be standard sizes.
Does not apply to brass or bronze sinks.
This package should price lower than ordering individual items.
$645.00 includes shipping with a workstation sink
Color of cutting board:
Size of multi-propose grid:

Items below in bold are our most commonly ordered accessories.

Width - must select first:
12 inch Butcher Grade board:
Silverware Caddy:
Butcher board with 3 small and one medium bowl:
Knife Slot:
Silverware Caddy with Knife Slot:
Butcher board with round hole for accessories:
Butcher board with 3 clear trays:
Butcher Board with 6 clear trays:
Bar Butcher board with two stainless bowls/lids:
Dual Bowl Accessory top tier 18 inch sinks only:
Up to 15 inch Detached Drainboard:

knife slot and silverware caddy (shown in black) Knife slot and silverware caddy combo. (8")
knife slot and silverware caddy (shown in black) Knife slot - 2 1/8" by 17 1/2" or 18" (8")
four bowl workstation accessory 4 bowl workstation accessory.
four bowl workstation accessory Dual bowl workstation accessory. My personal favorite!
four bowl workstation accessory New design for our accessories. Bowls will be recessed into the board to allow for sweeping food from an adjacent cutting board into the bowl. This new design allows for far better use on our NexGen and Signature Series workstations. These boards are now 13 inches wide instead of 12 inches.
detached drainboard made of copper Detached drainboard and thawing plate.
detached drainboard made of copper Our newest food tray is only 7 3/4" wide.
detached drainboard made of copper 6 tray poly board is 15 1/2" wide.
detached drainboard stainless Detached drainboard (Hand finished stainless)
detatched drainboard copper Detached drainboard and thawing plate (Copper)
bronze detached drainboard Detached drainboard and thawing plate (Bronze)
brass detached drainboard Detached drainboard and thawing plate (Brass)
It is always best to discuss accessories with us before ordering. Very often, after a thorough explanation of the functionality (or lack thereof) of many accessories, some of our customers feel the accessories are not a good fit for their lifestyles.