Butcher Grade Poly boards, colanders, serving trays and mixing bowls for our Evolution, Paragon, NexGen and our Signature Series workstation kitchen sinks

Our Burthcer Grade Poly Boards are THE most important accessory for our workstation sinks. I would like to explain the difference between our polyethylene "Poly" cutting boards and the Poly boards you have likely used. Mine are made in the U.S.A., not China. Mine are also a commercial butcher grade, not available in any retail stores. I am sure you have had some white plastic boards that got all chewed up and stained in the middle. I have about 4 of the retail store versions and they don't look very good after a year or so. My retail versions are all cut up and stained - even putting them through the dishwasher they never look clean. I have used two of our butcher grade poly boards for 8 years and they all look almost new. No staining, no chewed up fuzzy areas. You have to look hard to see the cuts in the poly material. Tthey are great on sharp knives, nlike resin, bamboo, and other much harder surfaces. A local butcher came in my office a while back and was amazed that we had access to the type of cutting board that they use as their cutting surfaces. Trust me, it took me months to source these. I can assure you will be more than impressed! If you are cutting meat, poultry, fish, onions, garlic, etc. just pop it in the dishwasher for sanitizing.

We are also offering antimicrobial cutting boards as options with our sinks. The grey to go with the stainless sinks and the sand to go with our copper sinks. These are not made of the same butcher grade material.

The antimicrobial additive is bonded at the molecular level at the very beginning of the production process, keeping it from ever leaching out of the product, This permanently protects the polymer sheet, which means the antimicrobial agent retains its effectiveness throughout the life of the product. If heavy abrasion occurs during end use, the antimicrobial additive will never lose its efficacy, unlike antimicrobial surface coatings. These boards are a bit harder than the Butcher Grade boards and frankly, I personally don't care for how a knife feels on them as much as the Butcher Grade Boards. For those of you who like color or are sensitive to bacteria concerns, the antimicrobial boards do the trick. The material used for the butcher grade boards is what inspectors want to see in deli's and butcher shops as countertop material.

  • I found a great outside unbiased resource for comparing different types of cutting boards. CLICK HERE They did not rate the type we have, however ours is most similar to their highest rated board. The only con was that some reviewers reported it warped in the dishwasher. I have not seen that happen with ours.

These accessories will work with all of our workstation sink designs. Our Paragon sink has two tiers, allowing for some of the accessories to slide out from accessories on the top tier.

Workstation Sink Accessories
12 inch Butcher Grade board:
Antimicrobial Board:
Silverware Caddy:
White poly board with round hole for accessories:
White Poly Board with 6 holes and clear trays with:

knife slot and silverware caddy (shown in black) Knife slot and silverware caddy combo.






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