What is a workstation sink?

A Workstation sink is a sink with a mechanism built in to the front and back sides of the bowl to allow accessories to sit on the step or ledge, affording the user to prepare meals on the sink instead of on the countertop.

the original dual tier sink The original workstation sink design that started it all!
NexGen, the most efficient workstation sink. Our most efficient design.
workstation sink comparisons The ultimate tri-level, dual-tier workstation sink.
comparing the galley sink to rachiele sinks Our true dual tier vs. the others.

We maintain a huge lead in our industry due to one of the hallmarks of Rachiele; the belief that constant innovation is a essential. Relying on a success leads to stagnation. I encourage all employees to think outside of the box and to spend a great deal of time innovating. Our rate of innovation is high and all employees are encouraged to offer new sink designs, develop better ways to improve work flow, and to initiate ways to improve our quality and enhance our customers experiences. I listen to my customers as they often have exceptionally good ideas. One example is our sponge caddy. That idea was put forth in a phone conversation with a potential customer (who later became a customer).

We are a small company with the ability to make rapid changes. I am an attentive listener. If a good idea is recognized, we have the ability to instantly implement the change or manufacture the new product. New workstation accessories are being developed almost every week. I have a team that is nothing short of brilliant. They all contribute significant innovations that are valuable to the company. I have found that hiring innovators is paramount to any other trait with one significant exception; they must have a good heart! It took me a while to learn that hiring for talent without considering empathetic character can poison the water. A visit to our showroom and factory will easily leave anyone very impressed with our team. If on a shop tour you happen to ask any of the artisans what they "do", you will likely hear "I, or we, make people happy". Almost daily, I forward emails with very heartfelt comments and photos to the team so they can see the fruits of their hard work and talents. The main reason we all love what we do is the fact that we all make families happy. There are so few types of careers where one can can have direct customer gratification, on an almost daily basis, for their efforts. We are all so thankful for what we do. Our team effort has allowed us to virtually cease advertising well over a decade ago, as we rely on repeat and referral customers for the bulk of our orders. Few, if any other, companies in our business can thrive without advertising.

So, what exactly is a workstation sink?

The intent behind the design is to speed up the process of food preparation and clean-up. For generations, sink designs were stagnant and very inefficient. As a former kitchen designer, I found no sink on the market that was designed to compliment the invention of the dishwasher. All sink designs made no sense to me. My first design was a single bowl sink with a rear corner drain. Believe it or not, this type of sink, back in 1999, was as rare as white elephants! My simple design was, at first, a difficult sell. However, the more families that used my design, the more positive comments became known to the "big guys" in my industry. It took a long time, but the large sink manufacturers finally began to stick their toe in the single bowl sink waters. With hundreds of positive testimonials, and hundreds of positive threads on Houzz.com, I was certain that innovating was the key to success. I then set my sites on designing the first workstation sink in the industry. I saw a need for a more efficient sink and concluded a step system inside a single bowl sink would allow for a cutting board and a metal grid to sit on the step. This design would allow for food preparation on the sink instead of on the countertop. Almost instantly, my invention (Signature Series) became the bulk of our orders. This time, the "big guys" were watching. Very quickly companies like Kohler and the Galley Sink companies made their versions of my design. Soon after, most sink companies around the world were showcasing their versions of my original design. Early on though, I developed the first dual tier sink on the market, called Evolution™. I was awarded three patents on the design. This design had two internal steps, allowing for accessories on both tiers. Since this design was patented, the "big guys" had to use the flange as the top tier of their dual tier designs - which I never considered, as there are significant pitfalls to the design. I then came up with an idea to recapture the lost space of my step system (Signature Series). I created NexGen™. Instead of a step, I designed a ledge system that recaptured the lost inch of space below the step. NexGen™ quickly became 90% of our sales, almost since the day I developed the design. As mentioned above, I encourage my employees to innovate. I hired a young lady, Jessica, in February of 2020 as my assistant. Just a few months after she was hired, she came to me with an idea for a new sink design. She said I should combine my Signature Series step with the NexGen™ ledge system to design a new dual tier sink. I was so impressed with her design I ran across the parking lot to my factory and sketched out a design and had my team build the first Paragon sink! That design is now about 30% of our sales. Jessica is now our project manager and is still innovating! Now you know the whole story. I encourage you to call and have a sink designed for your family. Every design, except Evolution™, has a value for different families. In my opinion, there is no point to the Evolution™ design now that we have Paragon.

Those of you who have never used a workstation sink may get caught up in the "hype". During our interview, I will guide you to the appropriate accessories needed to achieve an efficient design based on your family, not on what looks great in videos or photos. Consider the essentials, not the hype. To see what I mean, visit this page.

Lastly, if you are comparing the quality of our workstation sinks with others, spend a small amount prior to investing in a sink and you will be convinced. Simply order the a sample of the cutting board material recommended by our company and do the same to any other company you are considering. We have samples available for just $30. Just give us a call. You will clearly see that we use professional grade accessories and the other companies use far inferiour materials commonly found on Amazon.com or Walmart.com for very low prices. Do this before you spend thousands of dollars on a sink with inferior short-lasting accessories that you might regret after it is too late.

Take a look at hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google and Houzz.

See the differences between our Signature Series, NexGen™ and Paragon workstation designs below.