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My Signature Series Sink is about 80% of our business.  
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"Copper sinks and ergonomics are my passion and my copper sinks are maintenance free. I honestly believe my copper sinks are the finest in the world. I do not settle for second best and I don't expect you to either." Dino Rachiele (Chief cook and bottle washer)

Only my copper sinks require no special maintenance and no drying after each use!

Read about why our copper sinks interiors are so different from all others on the market.












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My personal guarantee since 1999: "If you are not thrilled with the quality of my sink, I will refund all of your money, pay all shipping costs AND send you a check for $100 in consideration of your
 (No other company, of any kind, offers this kind of guarantee)

What makes a Rachiele sink so different from all others?

Imagine life before the smart phone. Imagine life before the television. Double bowl sinks and sinks with center or rear center drains were designed way back then and they never evolved. If your cookie sheets, pots, pans and platters do not fit completely in your sink... your sink is obsolete! If you are preparing your vegetables, meats and poultry on a cutting board adjacent to your sink, your sink is obsolete.

1. When I say our copper sinks require no maintenance, I am not kidding!

So, why do the other copper sink companies require drying after each use and have a long list of things you should not put or use in your sink?

They have good reason. First off, most imported copper sinks are not sloped well to the drain. That means water will not evacuate properly and must be dried out each time you use the sink. Secondly, every copper sink on the market, including mine, will have areas where the finish or patina is removed (especially on the bottom of the sink). In the case of a Rachiele sink, the patina will "grow" back quickly - often in a matter of a few days (depending on the size of the area) so that the area blends in perfectly with the original patina. That is NOT the case with most imported copper sinks. Why? the "finish" is not a natural color on most imports. If you logically think about copper, you have a great deal of experience with copper and the natural patina process. You do because you have had hundreds, if not thousands, of pennies in your pocket or purse over the years. If you noticed, all of the older ones all turn a rich caramel brown. They do not turn as dark as most of the imported sinks. So, when you remove some of the finish on an imported sink and expose the raw pinkish copper, it will quickly patina to a rich caramel brown (the color of our sinks) not the color of their sinks. Two major issues with most imports. One is that the sinks are not sloped properly and the other is that the color on most imported copper sinks is not natural to copper. Rachiele sinks are sloped generously to the drain and we do not use an unnatural finish in our sinks. They are naturally weathered using household vinegar and no other product or method.

If you look, you will see that NO other copper sink manufacturer divulges what chemicals or process is used to finish the interior of their copper sinks. Be assured of your safety, the only product that we use to patina the inside of your sink is household vinegar. Read more in detail.

A simple drain location change (rear corner) fixes the issue with large pots, pans, platters and trays and allows you to use my sink like a double bowl sink. Wash on the right, set off on the left. My sinks have a generous slope to the drain.  A Rachiele single bowl sink with a rear corner drain allows you to place large items (cookie sheets, platters, refrigerator shelves and more) flat down in the sink for washing and rinsing without covering the drain. None of those items will fit in a double bowl sink! Also, there is no logical reason to have a drain in the center or rear center of a sink - yet 95% of all sink manufacturers still cling to that obsolete design.

2. Our Signature Series Sink is the "Smart Sink" of today. Small interior ledges allow for a metal multi purpose grid to sit  2" below the top of the sink adjacent to a cutting board. All food preparation is now done on top of the sink. Place items on the grid to rinse, move one at a time to the cutting board to prepare, then sweep into a bowl waiting in the sink. Imagine this... no more wiping down countertops! All of your food preparation is done on the sink. Food preparation becomes something to look forward to. The sink activity has evolved from a chore to a pleasure. Clean up is just as amazing. Wash on the right, set off on the grid (the multi purpose grid also fits on the bottom) to dry. "Your life is about to get a little bit easier"



I humbly claim to build the finest copper sinks in the world. Our customers seem to think so too! Take a few minutes and read the testimonials and customer stories on our site. Most importantly... I believe I offer the most robust service in the industry...

Have you ever heard of any company ...?        (If you have... I would like to hear about it)
1. That offers the personal cell phone number of the owner on every page of their website? (407-496-3596) It's on the top of every page on our site. The toll free number is also forwarded to my cell phone at all times when I am not in the office.
2. That offers a money back guarantee (including shipping) plus a check for $100 in consideration of the inconvenience?
3. That answers, and or returns,  phone calls evenings, weekends, and holidays?
4. Where the owner inspects and packages every product?
5. Where you place your order with the owner of the company?
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My copper sinks are up to 8 times stronger than Imported copper sinks because of the type copper I use.
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No maintenance, no drying after each use (like the imports require).
When you order an import, your sink could vary significantly from the size you order! "They" tell you the reason is because they are hand made. Really? Since when does hand made mean poor quality? My sinks are hand made; and when you order a 36" sink it measures 36", not 35 1/2" or 36 1/2".
I make the only true worry free copper sinks made in the USA. Use our copper sink like a sink!
Yes, my copper sinks are very different!
Read why

When shopping for copper sinks, check three things first:
1. Warranty   2. Guarantee   3. Maintenance




Watch the video below to see why our copper sinks are different from the others!

Excellence is simple if that is the lowest acceptable threshold for service and quality. For me, satisfactory is unacceptable.

Hoods... countertops... in copper and stainless!

Rustic copper kitchen hood photo by RachieleCopper countertop

Rachiele copper sinks have a lifetime warranty and are easier to care for than stainless, granite, cast iron, or fireclay. They are more durable than all the above as well. Compare our copper sinks with the imports, click here.




Oh... by the way, I finally figured out how to damage one of our copper sinks.

Watch the video below... I bet you'll laugh!

Our specialty is manufacturing custom copper sinks. We also build custom stainless steel sinks. You will be working directly with me, Dino Rachiele. We only produce just under 500 sinks a year. Our focus is quality, not quantity. Most imported copper sink manufacturers produce more sinks in a week than we produce in a year. Rachiele copper sinks are a work of art like no other. Your sink will be unmistakably yours - a one of a kind. I look forward to working with you... Dino Rachiele
Ergonomically Correct Sink Design
Large pots and pans will not cover the drain. They actually fit flat down in the sink! Our sinks are shallower so your back doesn't ache.
Rear corner drains Our sinks feature drain locations that make sense. Our design allows for double pullout trash storage under our sinks instead of using an expensive dedicated trash cabinet.
Lifetime Warranty Most only offer a one year warranty. Ours is for life!
Risk Free Guarantee No other company offers a risk free money back guarantee that you will be thrilled with the quality of the product!
Exclusive Patented Designs You can now install an apron sink in your existing cabinetry - easily!
The Smarter Sink Design - Signature Series The only sink that allows you to do all of your food preparation in the sink instead of next to the sink. Available in copper sinks and stainless sinks.
Made in the USA 98% of all copper sinks are imported from Mexico, China and India of recycled copper. We only use domestic virgin copper for our sinks and they are made right here in Orlando, Florida..
Exclusive easy care copper sinks Just wash with my sink with normal dish soap. Others will have you drying your sink out after each use and using a special wax to wax the sink regularly. Our exclusive self-healing interior means you can use the sink like a sink - not like a piece of furniture. The inside of our copper sink is indestructible.

We ship internationally on a regular basis. We have even shipped copper sinks to Australia!  We have recently negotiated deeply discounted rates with UPS. Most sinks ship internationally for $200 - $300 more than domestic - even as far away as Australia. Domestic rates $195 to $290 depending on size.

If a website does not indicate where the copper sinks are made, that should be a red flag!!! Ask where the copper sinks are manufactured. Our copper sinks are proudly made here, in the USA.
Our sinks just got smarter! Introducing the "Signature Series Sink" for those who love to cook!
Video of photos of copper sinks, stainless sinks, hoods and countertops sent in by our customers


Most copper sinks on the market look alike.
Your Rachiele copper sink will be distinctly unique, unmistakably yours.
Unparalleled quality, design and ergonomic function.

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We recently negotiated fantastic prices for shipping abroad. We ship worldwide, from Australia to Guam, Canada to Mexico

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NEW! We carry the full line or Edgar Berebi hardware. Check out their web site.
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16 years in business - RachieleTake a look at our nice selection of wrought Iron Counter Top Supports for granite or any other material.
We watch the newcomers building copper sinks and are flattered that some have copied our designs. Some have copied my patents, and that is flattering, but not very nice.

copper under mount sink photo   copper sinks with drain board photocorner copper sinks photo, made in the USAcopper sinks designed to fit existing opening in countertop - Made in the USA stainless steel apron front farm sink made in the USA  copper trough sinks made in the USA

We manufacture custom copper sinks, bar and bath sinks as well as stainless steel kitchen bar and bath sinks.   All are manufactured in the USA. We also offer wrought iron countertop supports, solid copper drains and disposal flanges for kitchen sinks. We also offer drains for bar and lavatory sinks.  Everything is sold direct to the public at factory direct pricing.  If you are interested in faucets, hand painted lavatory sinks,  visit our sister company,,  for great prices and free ground shipping. Everything on that site is made in the USA.

If you are looking for custom copper sinks, or custom stainless steel sinks? You have found the right place - that is all we do. The vast majority of our copper and stainless steel sinks are custom made and take only a few weeks to build. We are known for our copper sinks, however, we do build a fantastic stainless steel sink.  We believe you will find Rachiele copper sinks stand alone as the finest on the market today. We also offer hand made wrought iron countertop supports for granite countertops as well as very unique semi precious gemstone lavatory sinks.

Our copper and stainless steel sinks are custom made right here in Orlando, Florida. The photographs do not do them justice. Even when we send a photo of a customers sink just prior to shipping, our customers regularly tell us that the sink looks significantly better than they expected. This is a recent quote from a customer who just received their sink: "You're right. Way more stunning when you're there looking at the real thing."

 You should expect to be wowed! A Rachiele sink is a statement of quality and is unmistakably unique. If you are looking for a copper corner sink, a copper apron or farm sink, a copper tub, a copper bar sink or a copper countertop - you are in the right place. If you are replacing a sink, and have had difficulty in finding a replacement, that happens to be our specialty. We replace existing sinks on a daily basis. We can only replace existing cut outs in granite with copper sinks. We do have alternative options in stainless.

 I would like to personally welcome you to our web site. While exploring, you will notice that we claim to manufacture the finest copper sinks in the world. We back our claim with a lifetime transferable warranty and a guarantee that states "If you are not thrilled with the quality of our products, we will buy them back, pay all shipping and send you a check for $100 in consideration of your inconvenience" No other company on the planet offers such a robust warranty and guarantee! I believe that incomparable products should come with outstanding service. For that reason , I have always offered my personal cell phone number on our web site. I want to assure you that I can always be reached if you have questions or concerns. My personal cell/home phone number is 407-496-3596. We humbly thank our past family of customers and look forward to serving you in the near future. Dino Rachiele, President and Founder (give me a call, I love to talk about sinks - especially copper sinks!)


If you are looking at copper sinks, please look through our copper sinks comparison page.  Copper sinks are different from company to company. Ours are custom made to fit your needs and we generally build a sink in just 3 to 4 weeks. We can even overnight your sink for a small additional fee (ask us about it).




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