We invented the workstation sink well over a decade ago.

Custom sinks designed together with you to be efficient and ergonomically comfortable for your family, and your kitchen needs. Our exclusive designs will save your family a tremendous amount of valuable time.

Our passion is creating meaningful relationships with our customers. Our wish is to learn more about your family's lifestyle in order to offer you the greatest gifts of all... time and joy.

"We have a copper NexGen 36" sink and a satin nickel Waterstone faucet. Never thought I would love doing dishes but this combo makes it fun!" Karen M.

Together, we will design your sink to be functional, time-saving, comfortable and fun to use.
Hand-crafted of the finest materials to last generations. Welcome to a new experience in investing in a true custom sink - the most used appliance in the kitchen.

We are also factory authorized national dealers of Waterstone Faucets and InvisaCook, the invisible cook-top!

60 inch single bowl workstation sink for dual users Single bowl workstation sink designed for a left and right handed user. This is the only large single bowl sink that allows for a right and left handed user to work together at the sink and be comfortable.
72 inch single bowl workstation sink for dual users Single bowl workstation sink designed for two right handed users, allowing one to prepare a meal and the other to clean up without cross contamination.

We are a small group of artisans crafting functional works of art. We do not stock sinks because offering "on the shelf sinks" would mean our efficiency and ergonomic goals for your sink would have to be significantly compromised. Feel free to schedule a call with me so we can design your dream sink together. Dino Rachiele

Our core team mission is simple: helping people. Our sink design mission is to provide the most efficient and ergonomically comfortable sinks on earth, and in the future... Mars.

This video is guaranteed to make you chuckle. Make sure you turn up the volume. Our customer opening her sink crate for the first time reaction.
"Rachiele Custom Sinks, more specifically, Dino Rachiele has become synonymous with high-end, custom sinks that revolutionized the potential for what a sink could be. For Dino, it's not about sinks, patents, kitchen beauty, or the money (well, maybe a little). It's about the customer and saving that customer time through innovative thinking and thoughtful design. In Dino's eyes, time is the most valuable asset of all - it's something you can't get back. Thus, by saving his customers time through unique, workstations for their kitchens, he's giving them something invaluable and irreplaceable. Everything about a Rachiele Sink is personalized. From the consult to final install, Dino is with you each step of the way, guiding your decisions and making sure you're getting what you really need even if it's a lesser expensive build that you originally came to purchase. The point is, this story is less about sinks and dishes, and more about the inspiration, innovation and respect his customers receive once they choose to become a part of the Rachiele family." J. Hemmingway