Custom sinks. Entirely handcrafted. We refuse to let this become a lost art.

We are not a sink factory... We are an artisan workshop crafting functional works of art - workstation sinks.

Imagine a kitchen sink custom designed around how you prepare, entertain, clean up, etc. Then, imagine artisans handcrafting your signed work of art. Past clients tell us their personalized custom sinks have saved them as much as 10-20 minutes a meal, saving them upwards of 40 - 50 hours a year!

We are now offering the fourth workstation generation design, the Paragon™ tri-level sink.
We are factory authorized national dealers of Waterstone Faucets and InvisaCook, the invisible cook-top!
Our offerings are direct to the end user.

We are not an ordinary sink manufacturer. We are a small group of artisans, crafting functional works of art. We do not stock sinks because offering "on the shelf sinks" would mean my efficiency and ergonomic goals for your sink would have to be significantly compromised. Until you have owned a personally designed sink, you can not imagine the benefits! The hundreds of 5 star very lengthy testimonials attest to this.
We are truly Purveyors of time... My goal is to design (with you) the most efficient and comfortable sink possible with a keen eye to curb overspending on accessories that may not be useful for your cooking style. I am fully aware that only a small percentage of the public have a budget that will allow one of our custom sinks. If we price a sink that is out of budget for you, I will spend a great deal of additional time assisting you in finding the best possible sink in your budget from another company. I commonly spend 20 minutes to over an hour doing so. My personal mission is simple... helping people.

Click here to see the new InvisaCook invisible cook-top.

"Rachiele Custom Sinks, more specifically, Dino Rachiele has become synonymous with high-end, custom sinks that revolutionized the potential for what a sink could be. For Dino, it's not about sinks, patents, kitchen beauty, or the money (well, maybe a little). It's about the customer and saving that customer time through innovative thinking and thoughtful design. In Dino's eyes, time is the most valuable asset of all - it's something you can't get back. Thus, by saving his customers time through unique, workstations for their kitchens, he's giving them something invaluable and irreplaceable. Everything about a Rachiele Sink is personalized. From the consult to final install, Dino is with you each step of the way, guiding your decisions and making sure you're getting what you really need even if it's a lesser expensive build that you originally came to purchase. The point is, this story is less about sinks and dishes, and more about the inspiration, innovation and respect his customers receive once they choose to become a part of the Rachiele family." J. Hemmingway
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