Custom Designed and Crafted Stainless Steel Workstation Kitchen Sinks

I have a very unique mission with my company. I endeavor to speak with every potential customer in order to design a sink with them that will be as efficient and ergonomically comfortable as possible, while at the same time, have a keen eye on steering my customers to not over-spend on features or accessories that likely will not have a significant positive benefit to them. This can only be achieved by a 30 to a 45-minute phone conversation. For that reason, I have invested in an online calendar system. You can simply click this link, select a time that is convenient to you, and that will alert me that we have a phone meeting. It is not possible for others to book time near your selected time, ensuring I will have uninterrupted quality time for you when you call. I often form multi-decade relationships with our customers, hence a full third of our business is repeat business.
Take a look at our proprietary Micro-welded interior vertical corners look! (Click on the photo to see detail) The below video is of Norman, one of our fantastic welders!
***Note: Due to the volatile swings in material prices, quotes are valid for 10 days.

Always ask where your sink is manufactured! The quality of stainless varies in different countries - especially China.

Check out our new fiber laser!