Custom Designed and Crafted Stainless Steel Workstation Kitchen Sinks

I have a very unique mission with my company. I endeavor to speak with every potential customer in order to design a sink with them that will be as efficient and ergonomically comfortable as possible, while at the same time, have a keen eye on steering my customers to not over-spend on features or accessories that likely will not have a significant positive benefit to them. This can only be achieved by a 30 to a 45-minute phone conversation. For that reason, I have invested in an online calendar system. You can simply click this link, select a time that is convenient to you, and that will alert me that we have a phone meeting. It is not possible for others to book time near your selected time, ensuring I will have uninterrupted quality time for you when you call.
Take a look at our proprietary Micro-welded interior vertical corners look! (Click on the photo to see detail) The below video is of Norman, one of our fantastic welders!
***Note: Due to the volatile swings in material prices, quotes are valid for 10 days.

Always ask where your sink is manufactured! The quality of stainless varies in different countries - especially China.

Check out our new fiber laser!

These are just some of the Benefits of investing in a Rachiele® Stainless Steel Sink:

  • Decades of Design and Ergonomic research - The NexGen™ Sink Design is arguably the most functional sink design on the market.
  • Work Directly with Owner to design your custom sink - no Sales Staff.
  • Domestic 316L Marine/Surgical Grade Stainless - no need to worry about contaminants often found in Chinese stainless. No need to worry about corrosion or rust spots.
  • Exclusive Micro-welded interior corners. No visible dark seam - Most, if not all, other custom stainless sinks have a dark seam in the vertical corners.
  • Offset Drain - allows for placing items in the sink without covering the drain. You can wash on the right and set off on the left. Offset drain allows for full size double trash roll-out behind left sink cabinet door. (Describing a right handed sink)
  • Sink Design- allows for smaller sink cabinet and more usable interior sink space. My design allows a 36" sink to fit in a 36" cabinet!
  • Apron Thickness - My sink apron is less than half the thickness of the imports. Less reaching, easy on the back.
  • Size Tolerance - My sinks will be built with a high degree of accuracy and will be the sizes we show on our specifications. You can plan and prepare cabinetry well ahead of time.
  • Guarantee - No other company, of any kind, offers a money back guarantee plus $100 for your inconvenience if you are not thrilled with the quality of the sink when received.
  • Customer Care - Likely the only sink company where the owner will answer or return phone calls 7 days a week. (Including holidays) In the middle of an installation and have a question on a weekend? Get an answer without waiting until Monday.